The Abacus Mental Arithmetic is based on a proven Japanese method in which we utilize the abacus beads at highly accelerated speed to do mental calculations. The Program is designed for Kids aged 5-14. It is a fun and engaging way of quickly doing calculations of large numbers without using calculator or any other device.Abacus is an ancient computing methodology where students learn to solve Arithmetic problems like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, LCM, GCD, Decimals, Percentages, Square root, Cube roots, negative numbers using a tool called Abacus.

Like any other organ of human body, our brain also needs regular exercising to keep it fit and sharp. But how can we exercise our brain?? Mathematics provides the ideal exercise for our brain. Mathematics is the logical application of mind to tackle a particular problem. More time spent with mathematics would invariably result in a well exercised and a sharper brain. This is simply the reason why a child strong at mathematics is able to tackle other subjects with relative ease. Our abacus program consists of 8 levels. Each level lasts for 3 about months.

Why Is Learning Abacus Important?

Learning Abacus

The primary benefit of learning Abacus is to enhance brain power by upgrading the brain skills of a kid. When kids learn to use an abacus, they use their hands and a tool with beads to calculate numbers. It is believed that the movement using fingers gives them a chance to activate brain sensors. Abacus enhances their confidence, sharpens their skills, and makes them Pro in mathematics. Learning abacus for kids helps them to end phobia of mathematics by making arithmetic calculations easier, faster & obviously accurate..


Benefits of Abacus

  • It improves concentration
  • Improves Observation and Listening Skills
  • Enhances Visualization and Imagination
  • Improves Self-confidence, Creativity & Imaginative skills
  • Amplify Speed and Accuracy
  • Memory Strengthening as one of the Benefits of Abacus
  • Boosts Creativity
  • Increases Self-Confidence
  • Strong Academic Foundation
  • Reduces Stress
  • Analytical Skills, One of the Major Benefits of Abacus
  • Promotes longer Concentration, Comprehension & Imagination
  • Focus and Concentration